Benefits of Acupuncture

Here are what Seattle clients of Alan Lloyd’s Acupuncture say about the benefits of acupuncture in treating the symptoms of many common conditions.


“Alan is a wonderful and compassionate healthcare practitioner. He always pays extra attention to my healthcare needs and desires, and ensure that I receive the quality of care that every person should expect from any healthcare practitioner. When I work with him, I feel validated and listened to. At the end of my acupuncture sessions, I always leave feeling very pleased with my experience. I would recommend him to anyone.” – Shandalla R.

“I went to see Alan when the morning sickness from my pregnancy became too much for me to handle. I had never had acupuncture before but was willing to try anything for some relief. After my second session, I noticed that the morning sickness was getting better and better. I was skeptical if it would work or not and was so pleasantly surprised that it absolutely did! I would say it made my nausea 90% better. Alan was very knowledgeable and helpful; I would absolutely recommend him!” – Olivia B.

“I want to thank you so much for the acupuncture experience. I felt very relaxed after the acupuncture experience and very trusting of you. You have a great “presence” in your work…gentle, calming, confident and trustworthy, which is therapeutic in itself. I will definitely recommend you to clients and friends.” – Mary E., M.A., LMHC

“During my sessions with Alan, I always felt like he was a great listener, and really worked to understand where I was coming from and what I needed from each session. His acupuncture technique was painless, and I always left feeling really relaxed, refreshed, and much more mentally clear. I also felt like my stress level was really reduced from his treatments. Thank you Alan!” – Emilie W.

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“I saw Alan for upper back pain and stuff shoulders. Prior to trying acupuncture, I tried several other alternatives for relief. I can honestly say that acupuncture was the first of many different types of treatments that worked! Alan Lloyd was very comprehensive in his treatment and extremely devoted to relieving my back pain. Lucky for me, I responded very well to the treatment and he was able to see me in fewer visits than initially prescribed. This signifies his integrity and talent in his practice.” – Jeseika M.

“Alan did a great job eliminating my sinus headaches and correcting a chronic knee problem. He takes a great deal of time assessing the specific issues and really thinks about what should be done. And it always works! Also his is a non-pretentious very welcoming demeanor, low key and effective. My acupuncturist of choice.” – Laura B.

“Alan Lloyd’s Acupuncture is great! I went to him one month ago, for back and neck problems and my pain in those areas have either disappeared completely or almost gone. I have sent my grandfather [to him] for the same problems and he is doing much better then he ever was. I would highly recommend Lloyd’s Acupuncture and would not hesitate to go back if I needed to.” – Lucky M. (17 years old).

“The treatment was great, way more centered/balanced and alert. Guess what, my back quit hurting almost immediately, I noticed it around 1:00 …., better sleep and today no back pain, alert and calmer…all good in the hood, thank u so much. Today I am grateful for the restorative healing power of SLEEP, for fellow professionals who support me Alan Lloyd, LAc and Jeri Hinman, PT.” – Maribeth T., LMP

Alan Lloyd Seattle acupuncturist

“After recent knee surgery, I was still having quite a bit of pain with any movement. I made an appointment with Alan Lloyd for acupuncture. He spent quite a bit of time listening to my problem and examining my knee. The treatment plan he developed brought quick relief to my pain which I believe helped reduce my healing time and allowed me pretty much pain free movement. I am extremely happy I found Alan as my acupuncture practitioner.” – Tom C.

“It took two months of being sick and six doctors treating me as a number to open my mind to acupuncture.  I called Alan and explained my dilemma (a mysterious chest pain/wheezing among other things) and he offered to help.  During my first visit, Alan asked thoughtful questions and listened attentively.  Where other health care professionals simply focused on a single symptom and ignored everything else, Alan approached my body as a whole.  The acupuncture treatment alleviated my stress and subsequent treatments have helped my body repair.  Alan is a kind practitioner who genuinely cares about his patients, and I gladly recommend him to my friends.” – Chris B.