How to Relax

Everyone says it, “just relax”… but most of us find that it is not so easy to do.  What does it mean to relax and why is it so hard to actually do? The more one says it, the more frustrating it can be. So, why does the pursuit of […]

Back To School

Summer is officially over and school is in session.  So, what is the best way not only to score an A for class, but an A for life skills? For adults and kids, school is a place to study & learn but how do we measure our success for life […]

Last Days of Summer

Hiking around the surrounding areas is a favorite past time for the entire year but especially around the last days of August and Labor Day.  If you don’t know about the gems of hikes around Seattle, here’s a bit of a summary so that you can re-visit some areas you […]

Summer in Seattle

As September inches closer to arrival with back-to-school days and an end to another summer vacation, here’s a reminder as to why Seattle summers are the best.  We have the longest days making it easier to enjoy the sun before it hides behind winter’s dark clouds.  The great outdoors in […]

Forest Fires and Ecology

With the air hanging heavy all around us in Seattle, we are not left untouched by the forest fires in B.C.   The question for many is what do we continue to do in the U.S as far as containing or allowing the fires to rage until completion? As biologists […]

Summer Days

Summer routines are often very different for families during this time of year than in the fall and winter.  Kids wake up later, watch more television and routines fall to the wayside.  But, the lazy days of summer soon end and it’s back to school with homework, after school activities, […]

Staying Calm & Centered

Anxiety, stress, and general dis-ease is so common that it is almost normal.  So, how do we stay calm, centered, and breathe through the stress?  We often speak of breathing when things go awry, but for some, it’s not just a bad day, for one it’s caregiving for both parents […]

No Back Pain Naturally

The most reported reason people stay home from work and miss the most days of work is due to back pain.  It is reported that $100-$200 billion dollars are lost because of low back pain.  So many people have experienced this and yet, why? With technology, better and more ergonomic […]