Summer Days

Summer routines are often very different for families during this time of year than in the fall and winter.  Kids wake up later, watch more television and routines fall to the wayside.  But, the lazy days of summer soon end and it’s back to school with homework, after school activities, […]

Staying Calm & Centered

Anxiety, stress, and general dis-ease is so common that it is almost normal.  So, how do we stay calm, centered, and breathe through the stress?  We often speak of breathing when things go awry, but for some, it’s not just a bad day, for one it’s caregiving for both parents […]

No Back Pain Naturally

The most reported reason people stay home from work and miss the most days of work is due to back pain.  It is reported that $100-$200 billion dollars are lost because of low back pain.  So many people have experienced this and yet, why? With technology, better and more ergonomic […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity

If you believe that your immune system could use a boost, try incorporating these five tips into your daily routine.  Lifestyle and nutrition can either be a detriment to our immune system or it can help boost it so that when we are exposed to pathogens, we can fight them […]

The Comfort of Sleep

Think back to the last time you had a restful night of sleep that left you refreshed in the morning.  Has this experience happened lately?  For so many, insomnia has become a normal pattern of life versus an abnormal event.  Insomnia is prevalent because of our digital devices, long work […]

Gardening brings increased happiness

Spring and summer bring optimal sunshine for creating a perfect garden.  Studies show that spending time outside and working with the earth bring added benefits of happiness and improved mood.  Why is that? When we dig our hands in the earth, we connect to minerals that are only found within […]

Vitamin D

Sunshine has been so rare these days that the upcoming sunny weather has us planning for outdoor activities.  Vitamin D is one of the benefits of being outside in the sunshine and is important for our health.  Studies show that it helps us live longer since those with higher blood […]